1.3M Americans filed for unemployment aid last week amid coronavirus recovery

1.3M Americans Filed For Unemployment Aid Amid Coronavirus Crisis

During the coronavirus pandemic, over 30 million people applied to claim unemployment benefits. The US government has decided to create new jobs for Americans and has introduced two stimulus checks...
mary barra gm 2014 recall scandal winning formula

General Motors: How Mary Barra changed the culture of the company

Mary Teresa Barra, an American businesswoman is a CEO and chairman of an American multinational company, General Motors. She became the CEO of the company on 15th January, 2014. Barra...
Coca-Cola is shutting down Odwalla Juice

Coco-Cola discontinues juice and smoothie brand Odwalla

Back in July this year, Coca-Cola decided to discontinue its juice and smoothie business, Odwalla. The president of Coco Cola’s Minute Maid business unit, John Hackett spoke on the subject...
Taco Bell tries to juice app downloads with free chalupa deal

Taco Bell To Boost App Downloads With Free Chalupa Deal

Due to the global pandemic and imposition of lockdowns, the fast-food chains and restaurants are coming up with new ideas to increase their sales. Almost every fast-food chain has an...
Lufthansa Bailout secure Billionaire Shareholder drops Opposition

Lufthansa Shareholders vote in favor of the Bailout

Europe has started to re-open many of its borders and airlines with a hope to get some revenue from their flights. A few months back due to the pandemic...
V-shaped recovery coming from sharpest, shortest recession on record

Fast V-Shaped Economic Recovery Is Expected, Morgan Stanley 

The internal economic structures of many countries across the world were affected due to the global pandemic. After almost a year, the situation is getting better. According to Morgan Stanley,...
Tim Cook increased Apple's success despite loss, naysayers, missteps

Tim Cook Pushed Apple to Success after the Founder’s Death

Apple Company is a technology-based multinational organization. Its headquarters exist in California. The objective of the company is the manufacturing, design, and development of electronics and software.  The main product...
GDP is now projected to fall nearly 53% in the second quarter

Fed gauge reportedly calculated a nearly 53% fall in GDP in the second quarter

The Global economy received a huge blow from the Coronavirus Pandemic. Many businesses and trade shut down due to the contagion. When the businesses shut down, unemployment began to rise...
Dow surges over 900 points amid coronavirus vaccine progress

Stocks Soaring After Coronavirus Vaccine Moderna Trial Gives Hope

Ever since the emergence of COVID took place, the world economy has been in shambles. Many big countries had to go under severe economic backlash.  Due to the entire countries...
Grocery prices are soaring

Grocery prices soaring. What’s getting more expensive?

Grocery prices are soaring. While this does hold in some cases such as hotels, clothes, flight tickets, gas prices, cars, and their insurances, we are all well aware that...