Laird Superfood Aims to Raise Up to $44 Million in IPO

Laird superfood IPO aims to raise $44 Million

The Coronavirus pandemic has crippled entire economies as companies face major losses in business. Many businesses have laid off numerous employees or have shut down causing absolute havoc. Thousands and...
Happiest Minds IPO set to open on Monday

Happiest minds IPO is set to monday. Here’s all you need to know

The Mindful IT Company provides infrastructure management, digital transformation, security, and product engineering services. Happiest Minds Ltd was established by Ashok Soota back in 2011. Now, 9 years later, the...
Travis Scott over McDonald's Menu Collaboration

Travis Scott becomes the second celebrity to be collaborating with Mcdonald’s

Travis Scott is excited to announce his collaboration with one of the most widely spread fast-food chain, McDonald's. Although it is not quite common in McDonald's tradition to introduce...
Homeowners have a 6-week window to avoid new mortgage refinance fee

Homeowners have got 6-week window to avoid Mortgage refinance fee

The refinancing fees on mortgages that were supposed to be charged from 1 September have now been delayed for a further three months. An announcement was recently made by...
Omio takes $100M to shuttle through the coronavirus crisis

Omio Raises $100M to shuttle through the coronavirus financial crisis

The coronavirus pandemic turned down the travel and tourism sector. In order to combat the worsening effect of the pandemic, Omio has raised financial funds of around $100M to...
just-in-time supply chain theory

Supply chain theory just-in-time has conquered the world — but has it gone too...

Just in Time Manufacturing is a widely applied strategy in today’s businesses. However, it is alarming to note that the JIT system is taking over our lives. The JIT strategy...
FTSE 100 to rise as Europe's manufacturers strike bullish tone but HSBC profits tumble

Despite the fear of a second coronavirus wave, London stocks surged a hundred points...

A string of positive financial figures helped the traders overcome their fear of a second coronavirus wave. After a slow start, the markets finally surged up and the stocks...
stay away from gold

Despite Prospects, Stay the Hell Away from Gold

Gold might not be the haven everyone believes it to be. Due to the coronavirus and the consequential economic recession, the precious metal has become more volatile than before....
Carnival Cruise Line sells two ships lays up two more

Carnival Cruise Line Sold Ships and Lays Up two More

COVID-19 has brought a major effect on businesses and many companies had to find different ways to survive. The pandemic has equally affected the sailing business as it did...
Coronavirus PPP loans saved millions of jobs

Paycheck Protection Program Granted by Federal Government Saved Millions of Jobs

As the pandemic has affected the country’s economy, the US President Donald Trump offered loans to the businesses through the program named Paycheck Protection Program to save millions of...