BTS is one of the world’s biggest bands at the moment. They are also known as Bangtan Boys. They hail from South Korea and are recognized internationally.

The band has an incredible fan base called the Army. Recently, the band revealed its new single named Dynamite. The song was released along with a music video and it has surpassed expectations. BTS fans are well known for their efforts in helping the band reach international fame.

Most of the songs by BTS are hits due to the strong fan base and the talent of the pop group. Dynamite was premiered on YouTube and broke the first-day record already. It broke the record of a girl band from South Korea too, leaving behind the previous record-holder by a large margin.

The previous record-holder was also a band that belonged to K-pop. The group was a girl band named black pink. Black pink is another internationally famous girl band and one of the biggest in the world. The ironic part of the record is that black pink broke BTS’ record and then BTS managed to make another record on their own.

More than three million users were waiting for the video premiere, shattering all the previous records. BTS also broke another record of the highest number of views in one day. It gathered more than a hundred million views.

BTS is expected to chart at number one with Dynamite. The single is expected to hit number one on the billboard hot 100. The fans are trying hard and streaming to get the song to number one. The song is also being played on radio throughout the country, making it another successful chart-topping single.