New York – K pop star’s BTS campaign announced generating $3.6 million and millions of tweets on Twitter for 4 years while working collaboratively with the United Nation’s children agency to raise voice against bullying, violence, and abuse. They also promoted self-esteem in the young generation – the agency made a public statement on Wednesday.

The BTS campaign called “Love Myself” delivers its message through different channels, including merchandise, hashtags, the South Korean band “Love Yourself” globe trotter, and a video for the UNICEF, pleading people to choose “Kindness” displayed on dirigibles glided over the K-pop musician’s home town, back in 2017.

UNICEF placed booths at the K-pop stars’ concerts. Not just that, the fellow members of the band recorded a music video at the United Nations headquarters and spoke there during an annual session of the World leaders.

The pop stars also expressed their suffering in the previous year’s annual meeting that was held virtually, how they felt during this entire time of isolation and how it affected them.

In a statement on Wednesday, BTS campaign members revealed why they launched the “Love Myself” campaign and how it strives to improve the life of the young generation who wants to live it on their terms.

The band said, “We as a team and as individuals grew, as well,” and added, “We hope that many people felt how the love received from others can become the power that allows them to love themselves.”

Video link: BTS – “Permission to Dance” performed at the United Nations General Assembly | SDGs | Official Video

The BTS campaign also assisted a 76-year-old, UN fostered individual, promoted a youthful image, and captured attention inside the BTS fan base, called “ARMY” and outside its usual groups.

A BTS campaign’s music video, “Permission to Dance,” which was recorded at the UN headquarters and released a month ago, has already attracted 27 million views on the youtube page of UN with 2 million subscribers.

As per the UNICEF, the productive initiative of “Love Myself” spurred 50 million likes and nearly 5 million tweets with uncountable re-tweets, comments, and replies.

“The groundbreaking way in which BTS has helped spark a positive message with its ARMY is simply unmatched and incredibly invaluable,” – said Director Henrietta Fore, the Executive at UNICEF.

UNICEF used the money raised by the BTS campaign to halt the violence.

BTS hopes to continue the campaign as they say, “so we can help people find happiness and love.”