Bryan Adams went on Twitter to release his frustration towards coronavirus indirectly calling out the Chinese for causing a pandemic. His tweet used an offensive tone and language that caused some fury amongst people saying that Bryan was highly insensitive in his tweet.

Most people viewed the remarks of the actor as an offense against the Chinese community, but some animal rights organizations praised it.

Later, Tuesday, after receiving a lot of criticism, Bryan posted again on his Twitter apologizing to his fans and clearing out his intentions. He cleared that he didn’t mean to offend anyone; rather he was just using Twitter to let out his frustration about the whole pandemic and how animals are treated so cruelly in those wet markets which caused the virus.

He continued to add that he loves all his fans and his prayers go out to everyone during the COVID situation.

Bryan Adam’s been also scheduled to have a show in London in the following week before COVID hit the world and forced a lockdown.

The Canadian singer was attacked by Amy Go, Chair of the National Chinese Canadian Council of Social Justice, after the release of his initial remarks.

Amy said that Bryan’s comments were extremely insensitive and racist also reminding him that he is an influential figure and his words do matter to a lot of people who follow him. She also mentioned that his words will promote anti-Chinese hate.

Wet markets are very familiar in Asian countries where they sell fresh meat such as chickens, fish, and other wildlife animals. Other perishable goods such as fruits and vegetables are also found there.

In the central Chinese city of Wuhan, last Friday, the World Health Organization reported that one such market played its part both as an origin and perhaps as an “enhancing climate.” for the coronavirus that has turned into a pandemic now.

In the evening he was scheduled to commence a three-night residence in London’s Albert Hall when Adams’ initial comments arrived.

Although the original tweet has been deleted, the initial statement is present on his Instagram account. He was trending on all social media platforms on Tuesday.