There have been a lot of physical implications for covid-19. Many patients with heart and blood pressure problems often go through a challenging period after being diagnosed with the coronavirus. The virus causes certain respiratory and other complications during the patient’s recovery.

A recent case of a celebrity has come to light, and Nick Cordero a Broadway star has been diagnosed with covid-19. He’s been fighting the viral infection for more than fourteen days now. There were some complications in his condition.

Amanda Kloots, the star’s wife, reported his condition on social media. She notified the fans that he was on his eighteenth day after he had contacted with the virus when he was taken to a hospital in Los Angeles. He suffered from severe clotting, and the blood wasn’t circulating well in his right leg. But the medicine that he was given to remove the clot through blood thinners had an adverse effect.

The blood thinners given by the doctors have resulted in internal bleeding in the intestines and made the situation worse. As a result, the doctors advised Nick to go for surgery and amputate his right leg, as the situation could get worse.

Amanda started a social media hashtag for her husband to wake up and see his fans send him love and imploring him to wake up after the surgery. All his fans from all across the world sent him videos of them dancing and wishing him well. Amanda also gave the news that the surgery was going well.

Moreover, some close friends of Nick started a campaign called the GoFundMe campaign. This was intended to raise the necessary funds for his surgery and the wheelchair.

Nick’s wife thanked all the people who took part in the campaign and donated the money. In an interview with CNN, she started how grateful and overwhelmed she was on hearing the news.