The government has approved the use of a coronavirus vaccine, produced by Pfizer and BioNTech. This news has made people hopeful that they will get rid of the coronavirus soon. However, the chief medical officer for the government does not believe that the vaccine will instantly solve everything and return lives to normal.

Jonathon Van-Tam believed that the coronavirus would not just go away. There will not come a moment where the world will be free of the virus. He said that the virus will get curbed at some point.

According to the scientist, people should not expect to throw away their masks and get rid of sanitizers. He compared it to a war, explaining that the situation won’t have a celebratory end.

He explained that the use of masks and sanitizers might become a habit of many with the passage of time. It wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing either.

During the briefing, Prime Minister Johnson asked the officer to explain his statement clearly. In response, Van-Tam clarified that he did not mean the government will have to keep asking people to wear masks. It would just become a normal habit for many, while others might learn to live with it.

The medical officer also shared his opinion about the coronavirus situation with state-owned BBC radio. He elaborated that the vaccine is not going to fix everything within a day. Even after receiving the vaccination, people will have to follow the precautions until they are sure of the results.

Van-Tam’s statement came right after the WHO’s new take on the coronavirus. The World Health Organization advised people to wear masks indoors when they could not follow social distancing.

The United Kingdom became the first western country to approve the usage of the coronavirus vaccine. The government’s next task is to persuade people to get vaccinated.

To do that, the UK’s health minister has announced to get vaccinated on live television. The Press Secretary of the PM stated that PM Johnson might also get vaccinated on live television to encourage people to do the same.

Reports suggest that seventy percent of the UK residents are in favor of the vaccine. The government’s advisory committee has warned pregnant women not to get vaccinated. The reason behind the warning is the lack of data regarding the impact of the vaccine on pregnant women.