Britney Spears has sparked a new debate after apologizing to actress Alexa Nikolas over a past encounter in which she claimed that Nikolas had bullied her sister Jamie Lynn Spears.

In the memoir of Jamie Lynn Spears titled “things I should have said”, the singer stated that she was bullied by Alexa Nikolas while working on Zoey 101. The bullying claim was contested by Alexa who stated that the real picture was another way around.

The details showcased that Britney Spears had visited the sets of Zoey 101 at that time to talk about the mistreatment her sister received.

In the biography, it was stated that the pop diva had given a firm talk to Alexa Nikolas over her alleged bully behavior.

Alexa Nikolas had stated earlier that the pop star “ran at me and started berating me and telling me that she was going to make sure that nothing came of my career… She was like, ‘No one messes with my sister,’ and she’s screaming at me.”

Britney Spears has repeatedly slammed her younger sister for lying about her in her newly released memoir. She stated that there are several passages where her relationship has been discussed along with her mental struggles and the controversial conservatorship.

Britney Spears wrote harshly while slamming her sister yet again that “The nerve of you to sell a book now and talk s*** but your f****** lying just like you lied about Alexa Nikolas !!!!”

Alexa Nikolas quickly took over to Instagram to reshare the post while stating “Yesterday my childhood wound fully healed. Thank you.”

She added, in part, in a follow-up post: “Yesterday I got an apology. This beautiful human did not deny my reality and instead [apologized] and now my childhood wound is healed.”

A series of posts were uploaded by actress Nikolas which were aimed toward another co-star of Zoey 101 Christopher Massey who had announced that there was “no bullying on the set”

“Oh God. Chris Massey do not speak on my behalf,” Nikolas wrote. “What I experienced was real. Don’t gaslight me. I would never sit down with people that consistently try to convince me that what happened to me was not real.”

“You saying it never happened is no longer needed or is it the truth,” she went on. “Also, your mom knew ALL about it and was actually very nice to me during that sad time.“Your comment about those days is just feigning ignorance. You don’t have the power to discredit my truth. I’m asking you to stop now. Kindly. Take care.”