Seems like the woes of Britney Spears are far from over yet. Her family will continue to clench every penny they can from the superstar’s hard-earned money.

The newest edition is Britney Spears’s mother, Lynne Spears. She filed an entirely new petition in the Los Angeles court requesting the conservatorship estate of her daughter to pay the legal fees which have been incurred by her since 2019.

According to the petition, Lynne Spears sought legal help from the law firm Jones Swanson Huddle & Garrison in 2019 in order to help her daughter get rid of her father and the excruciating conservatorship.

She stated that she “wanted to get involved to help Britney free herself from what she saw as a very controlling existence.”

The petition further stated, “above all, she and Britney wanted Jones Swanson to help Britney achieve independence from the conservator father James Spears (Jamie).”

The filing also stated that Britney agreed to the setting enthusiastically.

Lynne Spears was never involved in the legal conservatorship of Britney Spears directly but just recently the superstar wrote online that the conservatorship was originally her mother’s idea.

Lynne Spears has demanded to be paid for all the court hearings related to the conservatorship that she and her legal time attended since 2019.

The petition further said,In taking on the representation of Lynne Spears, the mission of counsel was clear and simple: do whatever it took to assist Britney to break the restrictions imposed by the conservatorship and move in the direction of the removal of Jamie as conservator, and, ultimately, total termination of the entire conservatorship.”

Britney Spears was not allowed to have a legal representation of a lawyer till this summer, therefore according to the petition, Lynne Spears “entered this case with her own counsel in order to fill that gap.”

“Attorneys’ fees are appropriate and warranted in the instant matter for Lynne’s counsel given the advantages, results, and benefits achieved for Britney and given the fact that all actions taken were in Britney’s best interests, ” the petition requested.

According to the reports, a total of $650,000 is demanded by the filing to be paid by the conservatorship estate of Britney Spears.

Judge Brenda Penny will review the filing along with many other things filed in the respective case in December 2021.