Will the ongoing ordeal of Britney Spears in the name of conservatorship be finally over this Friday? It is so hard to predict the end!

The conservatorship case hearing is on Friday and both sides are demanding it to end – both for entirely different reasons.

Britney Spears lawyers and Jamie Spears lawyers are both pressing Judge Brenda Penny to end the conservatorship as soon as possible. The conservatorship which has lasted for more than 13 years now might be heading towards its inevitable end now.

Mathew Rosengart, a lawyer representing Britney Spears filed a lengthy 110-page document on 28th October 2021 stating, “Ms. Spears has made her wishes known about ending the conservatorship she has endured for so long and she has pleaded with this Court to ‘let her have her life back,’ without a (medical) evaluation, recently attending two Court hearings and asking this Court directly to end the conservatorship.

He further said, “it is respectfully submitted – with the consent of all parties – that the time has come.”

On the other hand, a lawyer representing Jamie Spears also filed a document to the respective judge making almost the same argument.

“Jamie unconditionally loves and supports his daughter. Full stop. As he has done for her entire life, Jamie will do everything he can to protect and care for her. For the last 13 years, that included serving as her Conservator. Now, it means ending her Conservatorship,” his filing said. “So it is said in no uncertain terms, Jamie believes that the Conservatorship should end immediately. Jamie will not seek to continue to serve as Conservator.”

Britney Spears is too eager for the conservatorship to end and she can live her life freely. She posted on Monday that “this week is gonna be very interesting for me. I haven’t prayed for something more in my life. I know I’ve said some things on my insta out of anger and I’m only human … and I believe you’d feel the same way if you were me.”

Will the conservatorship of Britney Spears end this Friday or will it linger more? Only time will tell but it is evident that the end of conservatorship is near because of the mounting pressure and the public hoopla associated with this high-profile case.