Britney Spear’s new Instagram post sent her fans into a frenzy, why?!

The controversial singer posted a random video on Thursday in which she casually called her fiancé, her husband, in the caption. Since then, fans have been confused about what the singer is up to.

 “My husband Sam Asghari sent me this,” wrote Britney Spears to caption that video.

Britney and Sam Asghari got engaged back in 2021. However, it is yet to determine when the couple had planned to tie a knot. So, witnessing Britney calling Asghari her husband has caught some fans off-guard.

Fans rushed to the comments sections with comments like, “Did someone say HUSBAND??”.

While another wrote, “Did y’all tie the knot?”. Several fans have commented just ‘Husband’ to ensure Britney notices that her fans didn’t miss the reference.

Hours earlier, Britney shared another Instagram post in which she called Asghari, ‘fiancé’ while wishing him a Happy Birthday.

Interestingly, around Valentine’s, Asghari called Britney her ‘wife’ in the caption of his Instagram post. “Women are the most powerful humans on this Earth,” wrote Sam Asghari. “Fellas, listen up: what they don’t teach you in school is that your ability to listen and agree with your woman, even if you don’t agree, is the key to a happy life. What do they say? Oh….happy wife, happy life.”

Britney and Sam are currently celebrating Sam Asghari’s 28th. On her Birthday post, the American singer gushed about their relationship, “I love you so much. I want a family with you…I want it all with you!!”.

“Britney Spears looks radiant in newly shared photo with fiancé Sam Asghari. ❤️”, Tweeted Pop Crave with the couple’s photo.

Since resolving her conservatorship matter, the singer has hinted at having children with Sam Asghari on several occasions. In November, she wrote, “I’m thinking about having another baby!!!” as she had to inject IUD during the conservatorship period.