The controversies surrounding starlet Britney Spears and her family are far from getting over. The latest edition is a piece of news regarding her brother Bryan Spears.

Ever since the conservatorship case got the limelight and Britney Spears finally got rid of the prison life she had been living, more and more people have come out in public and confessed about the controlling behavior of her family.

This time it is a back dancer who performed with Britney Spears in 2004. He stated that long before the conservatorship, Britney Spears was already being rigorously controlled by the family.

Anthony Garza, the dancer who worked and performed with the pop singer in 2004 in her Onyx hotel tour and also appeared with her in her “live from Miami” ShowTime special spoke on his Instagram stating that Britney Spears’ brother Bryan Spears “used to cancel her plans with friends so that shoe would be home alone with nothing to do between concerts.”

“We were told from the beginning that everyone would be drug tested and to keep [our] communication minimal with Britney,” Garza alleged. “They told us ‘If Britney asks if you have plans… you don’t.’ ‘If Britney asks you to go somewhere …you can’t.’”

The dancer stated that he specifically remembers one particular night when Britney Spears invited her crew to her apartment in New York City just to bond and hang out.

“Britney’s brother told us plans were canceled and Britney would be spending the evening with family, and that if Britney called don’t answer,” he claimed. “We didn’t go and we didn’t answer and Britney sat home alone.”

Garza further stated that Spears was “upset” and confronted the crew for not showing up at her apartment and she became incredibly furious when she found out that it was her brother Bryan who thwarted her plans.

“She was livid yelling at her brother ‘You can’t control me’ and such,” the choreographer claimed in his social media post. “She made her brother apologize to us.”

Britney invited the crew again on another night, says Anthony Garza.

“We had a great time,” he recalled. “She is such a sweet person. She just wanted to hang out and have fun.”