Key highlights of the news:

  • After the verdict given by a judge in Los Angeles on Wednesday that says to suspend Jamie from 13-year conservator of Britney’s estate
  • Right after this verdict, Britney exclaimed with joy that ‘I am on Cloud 9 right now’ as she celebrated this news with her Instagram post that also portrayed her first flying lesson as she was flying a propeller over the sea.
  • Matthew Rosengart, the lawyer of Britney has delivered a very powerful testimony that says, “Jamie cannot be in my client’s life for another day”
  • Britney- the most iconic and discussed pop stat has been under conservatorship since she was suffering a mental breakdown back in 2008.
  • The iconic pop star has been under conservatorship since she suffered a mental breakdown in 2008

On Wednesday, Jamie has been dismissed from the role of a conservator of Britney’s personal life along with 60 million dollars estate after a span of 13 years – Britney got emotional and ‘burst into tears after she heard the court’s verdict.

‘On cloud 9 right now!!!,’ she shared this post on Instagram alongside other pictures and videos of her where she can be seen flying a plane for the very first time in her entire life.

Britney celebrated the end of her conservatorship

In court on Wednesday, a Los Angeles judge kicked Jamie Spears off the conservatorship that’s been controlling his daughter’s life since 2008.

A Los Angeles-based judge dismissed Jamie from the role of a conservatorship of Britney where he had been controlling the daughter’s life dated back in 2008.

It’s a great victory for the renowned singer that she got control of all her lost possessions and financial affairs.

A LA judge has given a verdict and kicked Jamie off from the conservatorship of Britney where he was controlling his daughter since 2008. John Zabel is now appointed as a temporary conservator after removing Jamie from the role.

Zabel is a Certified Public Accountant who will take over the financial affairs of Britney until the court makes a decision whether she is ready to look after herself again and the entire matter of conservatorship can be ended completely- this process can take a few months to complete.

Dozen of supporters and fans were seen chanting #FreeBritney outside the court and waving banners of ‘Free Britney’ and ‘Jamie for jail’.

‘I feel ganged up on and bullied and alone,’ Britney told the court during that emotional statement. ‘I just want my life back.’

She also told the judge that she felt ‘enslaved’ by her dad, whom she, added, ‘should be in jail.’

According to Matthew, TMZ stated that “Britney should ‘absolutely’ sue her father if there is evidence that proves that Jamie misappropriated money.”