A man and woman, possibly related, have been arrested after a shooting took place on late Wednesday. The Bristol shooting took place on High Street, between Washington Street and Oliver Street. Police warned people to steer clear of the area via a community post on Facebook soon after the incident. “Please keep clear of the area of High Street between Oliver St and Washington St. Police emergency.” the post read.

The witness involved in the scene has reported they saw the two suspects involved in a domestic incident, unclear of what manner, earlier in their own car. Upon noticing the strange scenario, the witness followed the two in their car. Upon reaching their house, a first-floor apartment on High Street, the man got out a newly bought firearm and shot at the witness, missing luckily.

Bristol shooting

Police are investigating the Bristol shooting, with both the suspects currently under custody. Report Kait Walsh reported the incident on Twitter as well, “NOW: stand-off over. Bristol Police say a man and woman were arrested, surrendering peacefully from their first floor apt on High St. Police say it could’ve ended differently if it weren’t for a witness who saw the two in a domestic incident in THEIR car and followed them.”

Adding, “Police say that’s when the couple got to their home, man got out a newly purchased firearm and shot at the innocent witness. Missed the skin. Hit the clothing. The man and woman were arrested. @RIStatePolice came and helped get the two to surrender.”

Rhode Island State police came over to assist with the surrender around 6 a.m. The two suspects of the Bristol shooting peacefully surrendered from their first-floor apartment after hearing the police warning, “Open the door with your hands in the air, follow the instructions of the troopers, right now.”

Nearby schools Our Lady Of Mt Carmel, Guiteras Elementary School, and Colt Andrews, were all delayed 2 hours due to the emergency investigation. There is supposed to be a search warrant released for the suspects house, but they have no previous criminal record found as of yet.


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