A cable suspension bridge for pedestrians collapsed in Mexico on Sunday, resulting in 23 people ending up in the hospital.

According to the authorities, a group of people was heading to a Christmas party when a suspension bridge collapsed into a ravine.

The civil defense office in the state of Oaxaca stated that people from the town of Santos Reyes Nopala were walking over the bridge to get to a party when the structure failed.”

According to the police authorities, the injured people included 11 children and 12 adults. Most of the injured were taken to the hospital near the beach resort of Puerto Escondido.

Suspension cable bridges are very common all over rural Mexico. “They are usually supported by a combination of steel cables and wooden planks, but some are built with ropes.

It is not clear which type of bridge was involved in the collapse.”

These catastrophes keep on eluding on the skies of Mexico now and then leading the population helpless at the hands of medical experts.

Just 6 months ago, a metro train collapse in Mexico City had resulted in the death of 26 people. The investigation revealed that system failure was the root cause of the collapse. The structure was faulty because of substandard beams, planks, and screws used while constructing the bridge.

The reason for the collapse of the pedestrian suspension bridge is still unknown as the investigation starts to find out the root cause but the investigation would largely depend upon the intensity of the injuries as well as the casualties reported.