Brendan Fraser – the charismatic actor who gave us the mummy trilogy, has been transformed now. The 52-year-old actor made an appearance over the weekend and got everyone talking!!!

Brendan Fraser made a rare appearance on the red carpet of his latest flick “No sudden Move” and left everyone completely awestruck!

The actor plays the role of Jones in the film alongside actors Jon Hamm and David harbor.

Is he the same man who played the role of mighty George in the famous “George of the jungle”?

Of course, he can’t look the same like he did back in 1997 but his thick stature got the media speculating about the reason behind his enormous robust size. The theory says that it could be because of a new role. Something is churning in the den.

Brendan Fraser has been known for his acting skills and beyond. From portraying an uncivilized man raised by apes in the jungle to go on expeditions to Egypt fighting the awakened mummy. He has done it all.

Fraser has been seemingly out of the limelight since the mid-2000s, he did appear in few films here and there but nothing substantial since his last film of the mummy trilogy. His career has seen lots of ups and downs.

Fraser revealed himself that after the third mummy movie, he was building his exoskeleton daily.

Brendan stated that he spent almost seven years in and out of the hospital because of the wear and tear and the injuries his body sustained while he ambitiously did his stunts.

According to the reports, the reason behind this big bulk build of the actor is because of a new project called THE WHALE.  Fraser will be playing the lead role of Charlie in the movie who is an obese man weighing 600lb.

The film revolves around Charlie, an English teacher who tries to reconnect with his teenage daughter, who has a strained relationship with her dad after he came out. Charlie subsequently goes through a compulsive eating disorder after his partner dies to cope up with the grief.

The movie will be directed by Darren Aronofsky and Samuel D hunter. 

Brenden Fraser is excited about this movie and exclaimed that the amount of acting margin in this role is humongous and that excites him.