Marilia Mendonça, a Brazilian singer, died in an aircraft accident on Sunday. She was 26 years old at the time.

This weekend, Mendonça was flying to Minas Gerais in a small plane when it went down.

A plane carrying the musician and four other people from Goiânia to Minas Gerais crashed into a waterfall of Piedade de Caratinga, in the Vale do Rio Doce, on Friday afternoon, CNN Brazil reported.

Henrique Ribeiro (Mendonça’s producer) and her uncle Abicieli Silveira Dias Filho were among those who were killed in the aircraft crash, according to

Plane Crash at Minas Gerais

First responders were shown in video footage rescuing passengers from the aircraft after the disaster. The government is directing the inquiry into the reason for the accident, which is still unsolved.

Mendonça’s death was verified by the Special Secretariat for Culture of the Ministry of Tourism in a tweet Friday afternoon.

Anitta, also known as the “Girl from Rio,” paid homage to her late friend on Instagram shortly after her death.

The next day, she wrote to Mendonça that she told her yesterday that she loves her. She says this is beyond her comprehension.

In the hours before the terrible aircraft crash, the “Infiel” artist had shared a video of the region’s cuisine on her social media from the aircraft. Last month, Mendonça, a former member of Patroas, debuted a song video.

2017’s Realidade was nominated for Latin Grammy for best sertaneja music album by Mendonça. Two years later, she received the same prize for her album Todos os Cantos (2019)  in the same category.

Jair Bolsonaro, the president of Brazil, tweeted Friday afternoon that Marilia Mendonça was one of the best artists of her time. (As per Google translation of the tweet).


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