Boston witnessed a very violent day as seven people lost their lives in five separate shooting incidents across the city.

Boston police claimed that all 5 incidents took place overnight and seven people were rushed to the hospital succumbing to injuries in different shooting episodes.

The police state that the shooting incidents took place in the area of Dorchester, Mattapan, and Roxbury.

The last incident was reported from Elizabeth Street in Mattapan at 6 a.m.

The other incidents were at Woodbole Avenue and at Dudley, Greenville Street.

The Roxbury incidents took place in close proximity to one another, about a quarter of a mile but no connection between the shooting episodes has been established up till now.

Another incident was reported at Bailey and Dorchester Avenue. An investigation has begun as three people were shot and injured in this incident and were rushed to the hospital.

“Investigations are underway and my heart goes out to the family members and all those who are impacted by unnecessary and unacceptable violence in our city,” Boston Mayor Michelle Wu stated while talking about the violence on Monday morning.

The mayor also ensured that they are very close to finalizing the new police commissioner for the city and the announcement will be made later this month.

“We are getting very close,” said Mayor Wu. “It’s a process that involves the finalization and vetting and some further steps. We had a great pool of candidates and finalists that our search committee helped identify and we’re approaching the last few steps now.” According to the Boston Police Department, the shooting episodes have been massively reduced in the city compared to the same time last year. The total number of victims from Jan 1st up till now has been 67 so far whereas it was 87 in the same time frame last year