The Border Patrol officials arrested 32 individuals near Mexican Arizona border, trying to cross the border in camo.

The interim Chief Patrol Agent for the Tuscan Sector, John Modlin stated in a tweet that 32 Mexican nationals were arrested while illegally crossing the borderline decked under camouflaged clothing to blend into nearby vegetation.

An image was released where the Border Patrol officers had surrounded the group near the border of the state line; while a helicopter hovered above them.

The Mexican Arizona Border Patrol agents have seen a sudden increase in the illegal migration by adults and unaccompanied children. A group of 124 migrants was arrested by the Tuscan Sector last week which included 105 unaccompanied children.

Just two weeks ago another set of 20 crossers were caught crossing the border while crammed into a cargo trailer and a pickup truck. Whereas on Monday, a suspected boat was intercepted by the U.S Coast guard carrying almost 2 dozen migrants trying to get into the waters of the United States of America, illegally. This boat was smuggling migrants from Mexico to the coasts of Southern California.

Shane Crotty, the Border Patrol agent exclaimed that all the individuals on board were arrested and removed from the boat safely; 20 Mexican nationals and the rest were Guatemalan nationals.

The individuals were taken to the facility for interrogation and further processing.

Tuscan Sector officials have warned the agency that this summer, border crossings number may surpass the previous years.

Border Patrol caught more than 178,000 illegal border crossers just in April, out of which over 13,000 were unaccompanied minors which broke the record of 21 years according to the Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

Tuscan Sector is a large area of almost 262 miles between the Mexican Arizona border; it connects with Yuma county which reports less number of illegal migrating individuals but more deaths than other areas such as San Diego. This year Tuscan Sector braces itself to encounter more deaths than previous years as the number of illegal migration increases in this area as well.

Sabri Dikman, the acting Deputy Chief Patrol agent stated that the reason fewer people make it out of the desert alive is that the desert is extremely treacherous and vast in this particular region. With the soaring climate and the fear of getting caught while crossing over illegally, life becomes extremely perilous for survival. This part of the border has been tough on the migrants that is why it is not the first choice for them.

Dikman even released a separate statement discouraging people from crossing the Mexican Arizona border at the Tuscan sector ending; stating that he does not warns as a Border Patrol agent but as an individual who has lived in Arizona all his life along with a career spanning 23 years. He says the desert can prove to be deadly for illegal migrants this summer.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration is still processing around 250 asylum seekers per day coming from Mexico; regardless of the migrant issue remaining at large.  Title 42 was rolled back by Biden as soon as he joined the office and hence all the unaccompanied minors can now stay in the country while the number of illegal migrant families expelled from the country has also decreased.