Bollywood legend Irrfan Khan, who starred in various American and British films, has died of cancer at 53.

Starting his acting career at the young age of 18, the star entertained fans for over 30 years. Often referred to as one of India’s best actors, the legend’s career was highlighted by numerous awards and nominations.

Khan announced in 2018 that he was diagnosed with a neuroendocrine tumor, rare cancer. He initially sought treatment in England, returning to India in 2019.

After being unwell for a long time, Khan was taken to a hospital in Mumbai on 28th April 2020 for the treatment of a colon infection. He died the following day in the hospital after complications.

Known for his roles in various Hollywood films such as The Life of Pi, Slumdog Millionaire, and Jurassic World, Khan was celebrated all over the world. He was among one of the few actors from Bollywood who successfully made a mark in Hollywood.

Khan rose from very humble beginnings. After failing a career in cricket due to financial constraints, Khan pursued acting, where he struggled to get much attention initially. His breakthrough role did not come through until 12 years after his debut.

Despite being an internationally acclaimed actor and one of India’s finest talents, Khan was often described as the industry’s most modest and down to earth star.

Often described as a man of few words and silent expressions, Khan’s charismatic personality attracted fans from all over the world, earning him the title of ‘India’s face in the West’. News of his death spread like wildfire, causing shock and grief among his fans. Many prominent figures from all over the world paid tribute to Irrfan Khan.

Irrfan’s last film ‘Angrezi Medium’ was released only a month before his unfortunate demise.