FBI found a body on the grounds of Wyoming; believed to be that of a missing 22 years old Gabby Petito. The Florida girl who disappeared while on a trip with her boyfriend returned home alone and did not utter a single word about his missing girlfriend.

According to the authorities, a body was recovered from the campgrounds of Wyoming where the law enforcement agencies have been involved in conducting an excruciating search for the missing woman. According to the authorities, it is still too early to determine whether the body is of Gabby Petito as nothing can be confirmed without a detailed forensic.

Hours after the discovery of the body, Gabby Petitio’s father tweeted “she touched the world.”

Gabby’s boyfriend Brian Laundrie was named as “person of interest” after he returns home alone from the cross-country trip and keeps his lips sealed on the vanishing of his girlfriend Petito.

Gabby Petito body parts found
source: katv

The North Port Police Department stated This is the very place where the law enforcement agencies have been searching for Brian Laundrie past weekend.

the search has gone in vain. Laundrie’s parents also tipped the local agencies about their son’s whereabouts, but the search remained unfruitful.

The FBI stated that the search for Brian Laundrie will intensify after the discovery of the body and if it is confirmed that it is Petito. Only an autopsy will determine whether the discovered body belongs to the missing Petito or not.

The North Port Police Department announced that Brian Laundrie has vanished after returning home and Gabby Petito was determined missing by her parents.