While Katie Thurston‘s season of The Bachelorette was unusual in many ways, she wanted to leave in classic Bachelor fashion — with winner Blake Moyne’s putting a Neil Lane diamond on the ring finger.

Katie has said that at the time — since she did not believe he was proposing — she was just content to live with him. She was aware that would happen anyway, [but] it’s difficult to quantify the effect in the real world. She said that one goes through a lot and you want to take everything seriously, which includes a proposal and engagement. She continued by stating that she had not come here to find a partner and that she could easily do it on a dating app.

Katie Thurston noted that although it’s difficult to tell if they would have lasted as a dating pair, the fact that they are both devoted to one another as future husband and wife speaks volumes about their confidence in their relationship

Bachelor Nation saw Blake propose on the ABC series‘ Monday, August 9 finale. The Canadian paused throughout the proposal, implying that he couldn’t offer Katie Thurston what she came here for, leading Katie to think he wasn’t going to propose.

Blake said, after a lengthy pause, that she deserves much more than that. He said that she is deserving of the world and that he is looking forward to supporting you and being there for you every day going ahead. With that stated, Katie Lane Thurston, are you willing to marry me? , he suggested

Meanwhile, the Bachelorette season 16 candidate told Us that he decided to propose after consulting with season 16 host and 17th season co-host Tayshia Adams.

Blake said that she just reminded him of the confidence and bravery with which he entered and the reason for his visit. He said that without her, he would most likely have continued spinning. She was able to make good arguments while reintroducing him to the purpose of this encounter and why he got here in the first place. He said that he’s not sure how he would have survived that day without her since she could sense he was a little worried.

He continued by stating that he made the formal call at an unknown time.

Blake said that he was able to return to the location and begin preparing, as well as think about it on his own and take it all in

He claims that there wasn’t anyone in the room, it had no cameras, and everything just kind of sank in for him and he was forced to make a choice, which became very apparent as he was getting dressed and putting on his tie, like, ‘This is it.’ I am aware that it is.