The new findings regarding the black Kansas teen death, under the custody of Kansas Juvenile, was not a natural death but a homicide reveals the autopsy reports

The new autopsy report that came to light on Monday regarding the black Kansas teen who died during the struggle with the staff members of the Kansas Juvenile Center contradicts the preliminary finding, which said that the teen did not suffer any life-threatening wounds.

The teen, who went by the name of Cedric Lofton died while he was handcuffed and was laying on his stomach, the autopsy report said.

Lofton was in Sedgwick County Juvenile Intake and Assessment Center in Wichita when his altercations with the Juvenile center’s staff members occurred on September 24. Soon, he was taken to the hospital, where he died after two days.

Lofton’s family representative and Chicago’s civil rights attorney, Andrew Stroth commented, “The family lost their son and their brother, so it’s just a tragic and unjustified death,” he further added, “The family is  going to continue to seek answers and pursue all legal remedies available.”

Until now the staff members who were involved with Lofton’s case are not identified and are on paid leaves as per the County. Moreover, Marc Bennett, the Sedgwick County District Attorney said in a statement that the office is currently reviewing the autopsy report in detail and is in contact with the local Sheriff’s office and Kansas Bureau of Investigation.

Timothy Gorrill, the chief medical examiner stated in the report, “In my opinion, Cedric Lofton died as a result of complications from cardiopulmonary arrest sustained after physical struggle while restrained in the prone position,” while further adding “The manner of death is homicide.”

Steven Hart, another attorney representing the Lofton family, has asked Bennet to pursue criminal charges along with Andrew Storth.

Storth stated, “Between the video evidence that we reviewed and the autopsy, it’s clear that this young man was unjustifiably killed.”

Contradicting the preliminary reports, the autopsy report revealed much more about Lofton’s situation before his death. However, it is yet to be decided how the case unfolds. To get more updates in the coming days, stay tuned.