There was an exponential curve in the 2020 elections as to how the news portrayed black voters’ allegiance to the Democratic Party.

The Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, speaking on the nationally syndicated radio show “The Breakfast Club” in May, was encouraged by the host Charlemagne to see if he was considering naming a black female running mate. When Biden’s assistant wanted to bring an end to the interview by saying that they were past time, Charlemagne was perplexed.

He said that what he did was not fair to the black community. So, to address the host’s question, he said, in response, that he will do that to both the White and the Black.

Charlemagne decided to ask the former vice presidents more questions when he said that if you have a problem figuring out if you’re with me or Trump, you’re not black.

The presenter spoke about how he needed to help his people and his society do something. Like Robert Johnson, the founder of Black Entertainment Television, says the black people have been voting for Democrats for years now with a “Minimal Return”.

In an interview, he also said that he thinks Black Americans are getting kind of weary of providing big votes for the Democrats and having a marginal return on economic wealth and narrowing the gap in wealth, work growth, and employment prospects.

Joe Biden also does not exclusively incline towards the colored community. Hence, some of them come out to vote for Trump while others duly decide to keep the legacy.

In reality, the Republicans made significant waves among Black Voters, with the Edison Research exit poll showing 18 percent of black men and 8 percent of black women voting for their candidates. Four years earlier, it was 13 percent for black males and 4 percent for black females.

The entrepreneur said his expectations for a future with Biden presidency as well as for the Democrats themselves are very poor as far as the black community is concerned.