Bishop Sycamore keeps on making it to the news and that too for all the wrong reasons! They have been losing matches consecutively and now it has landed itself in hot waters again after coach Leroy (Roy) Johnson has been granted an active warrant and multiple lawsuits.

The Delaware County sheriff released a bench warrant against the head coach Johnson in a domestic violence case after he failed to appear in court.

“Defendants’ failure to answer the request for admission served upon them proves fatal to their cause. “the court wrote while giving out its verdict. “Because of this failure, defendants have admitted to the bank’s claim of fraudulent misrepresentation, conversion, and unjust enrichment.”

There was another criminal mischief charge against the coach in the same county which was later dropped by the county sheriff’s office.

In another civil lawsuit, it is reported that Johnson has been dodging a $100,000 loan since the time he was the head coach of Christians of Faith academy before joining Bishop Sycamore’s football operations team.

The civil lawsuit was filed in 2019 by ARN hospitality which also owns OH Baymont Hotel in Delaware. This is the exact same location where the head coach used to house the football team players during the season of 2018.

The ARN hospitality claims that Johnson owes them $110,685 to date.

According to the court, “during the parties’ dealings and the course of negotiations. Defendant Johnson represented to plaintiff that he and COF Academy had sufficient funds and creditworthiness to pay for the room rental.”

The ARN hospitality allegedly stated that “Johnson and his guests used to leave without paying any portion of the outstanding balance owed for the rooms.”

The latest case against Bishop sycamore’s head coach is the fielding of a football team against the IMG Academy on the sports channel ESPN. The reputation of Johnson and bishop sycamore is famous across Ohio and people know the wrongdoing and the civil lawsuits against him but they usually ignore the fact that it is indeed an illegitimate school.

Roy Johnson lives on scamming people! That is if you consider that as a scam. He is currently inducting online football classes claiming that the school does not have a football field. Johnson stated on Twitter that “we rent space for a few days a week to go over our classroom stuff, work stuff. That’s in the eastern area so you can kind of get us there in a few days a week that we have school. Remember we’re not a traditional school so we don’t have our young men sitting in school from 7.00 AM”

Let’s be honest. Bishop Sycamore is actually an untraditional school that has only won 5 games since Johnson joined as the new incarnated coach of the football team.

It will be triumphant for the Delaware County sheriff to get hold of the Bishop Sycamore head coach as he has been living this life built upon scams and easily dodging different civil lawsuits.