It turns out not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving with a turkey dinner and wine!

Billie Eilish uploaded a heartfelt post on Instagram that sees her cuddling a turkey, with her 9.6 million followers, on Wednesday.

The American songwriter and singer turned vegan in 2014, according to a post that reads, “I was inspired to make the change for a lot of reasons, including dairy’s impact on health and animal welfare.”

“leave animals alone.”

In Wednesday’s post, the 19-year-old songstress shared a picture from the past, hugging a turkey, when she went to a farm with her family. Via that post, the American star seems to be trying to detail the “light” nature of turkeys and emphasize the number of turkeys who die each year on Thanksgiving, especially.  

The post says, “Turkeys are a few of the most light creatures on the planet and 46 million of them are killed each Thanksgiving.” She further added to her caption in small font size, “I know it’s difficult to change tradition, but remember that,” and concluded her message with a wink emoji.

Since the star turned vegan, she has become a strong advocate to protect animal rights and promote veganism. She steadily discusses her takes on carnism.

The 19-year-old, popular star, seems fine with wearing leather products, using honey, and riding animals. However, otherwise, she is purely vegan.

Billie Eilish was named after her grandfather,  Bill Baird, who was fond of fishing and hunting. However, her mother did not like such practices and stopped consuming animal-derived products in the 70s.

Billie’s mother, Maggie, detailed how she became vegan by saying that she did a lot of research on the industry and learned so much that she had stopped consuming meat and finally adopted veganism.

She said, ‘[I stopped when I saw] The cruelty involved. If you’re really open to knowing about it, it’s impossible for you to go through it completely …

“The amazing thing is that we all had health benefits, various health benefits. You know, you do it for philosophical reasons, and you say” Wow. “going to. … That was a real plus. ”

Earlier this month, vegan celebrities like Joaquin Phoenix and  Rooney Mara filed a petition pleading to Joe Biden to send the “forgiven” turkeys back to the Farm Sanctuary this Thanksgiving.

Billie Eilish, now 19, started her singing career back in 2015 at 13. She recorded her first songs, “Fingers Crossed” and “She’s Broken,” with brother Finneas.

This summer, Billie released her second studio music album, called Hapia Than Ever. The star is also rumored to make an appearance both as a guest and host on Saturday Night Life’s episode 11.