According to various sources, a person who is suspected to have broken into the house where singer-songwriter Billie Eilish spent her youth has been caught and is now being held in jail.

According to FOX 11 Los Angeles, the unidentified suspect climbed over a fence that surrounded the property and entered the Highland Park home at 9:16 p.m. local time on Thursday evening. This prompted the Los Angeles police to respond to the scene.

According to KABC reporter Chris Cristi, Billie Eilish’s parents now own the property and the house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

It was stated that the suspect entered the residence and struggled with police officers when they were trying to apprehend him.

At around 9:31 p.m., the subject was apprehended by law enforcement.

Pictures and videos taken at the site reveal that there is a significant police presence in the vicinity, including a number of helicopters.

It is not immediately apparent if the singer known as “Bad Guy” or her parents were there in the house when the event occurred. A number of individuals have reached out to Eilish and commented on her most recent post on social media, inquiring about the situation. There has been no new information on the suspect that has been made public at this time nor there have been reports of any injuries.