Biden’s Spokesman, Bill Russo, has criticized Facebook for allowing misinformation to spread and he demands more censorship to be introduced on the social media platforms.

He said in a tweet recently that if people thought misinformation on social media was an issue when the election was taking place, they should see how it’s damaging our democracy after the election.

He pointed out a video that was posted by Steve Bannon. In the video, Bannon was seen making demands for the heads of Anthony Fauci, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, and the Director of the FBI, Christopher Wray.

According to Business Insider, he also said that he wants to revive the practices of old Tudor England and mount the heads on pikes and display them on each corner of the White House. He wants to do this to threaten and set an example for federal bureaucrats.

The video was removed by Twitter immediately; however, Russo claims that Facebook removed the video after 10 hours, and that too after a journalist pointed it out. Bannon’s Facebook page is also still up and running.

A Reuters article was also retweeted by Russo, which explained how thousands of Facebook groups were created before the election that encouraged violence. He commented on the matter, saying that even though a few of the groups were removed, many kept on running for days before they were taken down.

A widely used and popular group on Facebook called ‘Stop the Steal’ was taken down on November 5th as according to Reuters, they were riling up their members to prepare their weapons in case Donald Trump lost the election.

Facebook was also criticized for allowing the spread of Breitbart articles that have multiple misinformation allegations against them, and they are also known to propagate conspiracy theories relating to the claims of fraudulent votes.

These ‘Stop the Steal’ group grew to more than 300k members, who were constantly spreading conspiracy theories, and the group was taken down after Facebook was pressurized about it. However, even after shutting down the group, multiple new ones were created.

According to NBC, Facebook has relaxed its policies on misinformation because they were accused of being unfairly biased against the conservatives. However, Russo claims that they have been warning Facebook for more than a year that this will only allow misinformation and voter fraud claims to spread more rapidly.