Hunter Biden has come into the limelight after the investigations started by the US attorney’s office in Delaware. He has been under investigation due to certain economic deals with China and other foreign countries.

The US attorney’s office has guided the legal counsel of Hunter that he is being investigated for tax fraud. Hunter Biden is taking the situation seriously and is confident about his conduct in terms of taxation.

Had he been a part of the Trump family, the entire media would have jumped on to defame them. Biden has a reputation that he does not involve his family with the state affairs, but this tells a different story.

Sooner or later, Hunter Biden will be facing a grand jury investigation because of his possible tax frauds. At this point, the investigation is going on and nothing can be said conclusively.

There have been a series of suspicious transactions overseas, especially with China after he visited China with his father. Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) have been looking into the matter and they reported the transactions in the first place.

It is believed that some reports from SAR cannot be used to claim that law has been violated. It can be regarded as documentation for money laundering or investigations against tax fraud.

Hunter Biden’s laptop is also being thoroughly investigated for possible tax affairs. It is not the first time that Hunter’s credentials were subpoenaed for the investigation procedure.

As the transition is taking place, every department involved in the investigation is resilient to talk on the matter. This matter is being kept under wraps and the details will be released to the public once the investigation is over.

There is a possibility of fraud, tax evasions, and money laundering and this has all been difficult for the Biden family. The Trump family had been involved in a series of investigations over the years and they always made it to the media.

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Justice Department (DOJ) are not commenting on the situation. The legal counsel of Hunter is looking into this matter and sooner or later they will give out a statement.

This story is getting the limelight now as Biden has started the transition process this month. He will take oath as the president of the US next month.