President Joe Biden has taken an aggressive approach towards the policies of the Trump Administration in the first week of his presidency. He has signed more than 6 executive orders regarding the US immigration policy, revoking the decisions made by ex-President Trump.

His aggressive approach to overhauling the immigration policy can harm the national security of America in the long run. Experts believe that overturning such decisions may have a lasting impact.

The reports coming in from Juarez, Mexico suggest that people are excited to come to America for work opportunities. But at the same time, the fear persists that these people are a threat to national security.

An estimated 11 million people will be given legal immigration status, or even citizenship after Biden’s proposed immigration legislation.

Biden’s move to overhaul immigration policySome people believe it to be an ambitious move while others believe that the concerned authorities must be cautious of the changes being brought by Biden.

Former President Trump had imposed a ban on international travel to avoid immigrants’ influx in America. The reason behind his entire effort was to secure the jobs of native American people and help the economy grow.

Trump’s move to ban immigrants, disrupted the international standing of America.

On the other hand, President Biden wants to make sure that America is back on track, with people being welcomed to work in this land of opportunities.

Although Trump’s immigration policy was in total contradiction of the American norms, it was good for national security. As far as the immigration policy is concerned, Trump made sure that American national security was never compromised.

The experts believe that Biden’s proposed immigration bill will need to be thoroughly studied before being adopted by Congress. But this will not stop President Biden from issuing executive orders that have a substantial effect on national security.