President-elect, Joe Biden’s inaugural ceremony is going to be one of the most crucial events of the year. All 50 states are put on a high alert for possible violent protests.

The National Guard has been called in to ensure that Washington DC is safe from any violent activity. As the Capitol was stormed by Trump’s supporters, it is fear that such an incident may occur again.

The Biden team is all set to take control of the government and make sure to revert certain policies of the out-going president, Donald Trump.

He has been advised by the Republican senators to keep a low profile on an inauguration day.

If he does not provoke any protest on an inaugural day, there is little chance that protests will break out in the country. Trump has to play an important role to control his protesters even if they come on the streets on January 20.

Biden has to tackle a lot of issues as he is getting ready to take the reigns, and his team has announced few changes that are on the cards. Among them the most important one is The United States returning to the Paris climate agreement.

It is feared that the local authorities in the states will not be able to contain huge crowds if a violent protest breaks out. The Capitol will be completely protected by the National Guard who will be assisted by other security agencies.

The Secret Service has asked to shut down the National Mall for the day to avoid any public gatherings. Even Biden’s team has asked the people to show their support while staying at home and do not come to the Capitol.

The states like Utah and New Mexico have declared emergencies to avoid any violence. The states are trying to maintain peace by making sure that people stay within limits.

Some states have even gone as far as activating their National Guards to tackle any unforeseen incident. Texas has taken an aggressive approach and has shut down its capital from Saturday until the inauguration day.

The social media groups are also working to remove any hate speech or ammunition ads on their websites. The nation’s democracy is at stake as Joe Biden takes oath on Wednesday in the light of possible violent protests.