The most awaited talk to determine international harmony between US-China took place late in the evening on November 15, as Chinese President Xi Jinping joined President Joe Biden for a 3+ hour virtual summit. The two presidents discussed many political issues including human rights and trade between the countries.

“Although it’s not as good as a face-to-face meeting. I’m very happy to see my old friend.” said  Xi Jinping, as the two current presidents have an older history of working together before when Biden was Vice President, during Barack Obama’s term.

Officials inside the White House agree to the widespread speculation that this is the most important international objective for the current administration, as it is important to relieve tensions between the two “superpowers”. There are certain that discussions about the topics which have been discussed between Biden and Xi Jinping, were part of a healthy debate, but they failed to result in any major breakthroughs.

President Biden said during the summit, “We’ve spent an awful lot of time talking to one another, and I hope we can have a candid conversation tonight as well,” and the conversation went on to many different planes. Tensions in Taiwan and other human rights issues the Chinese administration is involved in are high, therefore it was a major part of the discussion between both the presidents.

Earlier when the summit was announced Press Secretary announced Jen Psaki said, “Following their September 9 phone call, the two leaders will discuss ways to responsibly manage the competition between the United States and the (People’s Republic of China), as well as ways to work together where our interests align,” adding, “President Biden will make clear U.S. intentions and priorities and be clear and candid about our concerns with the PRC.”

Regarding no substantial developments, officials believe it is important first to have neutral relations and ease tensions as Biden and Xi Jinping try to bring diplomatic ties on the table. An official from the admin stated, “I don’t think the purpose was particularly to ease tensions, or that that was the result. We want to make sure the competition is responsibly managed, that we have ways to do that. The President’s been quite clear he’s going to engage in that stiff competition.”