2020 has been the year of irregularities in every domain, be it the coronavirus or the Presidential Elections in the USA. This time the voters took an unanticipated approach in electing the new president.

It was once believed that the areas where the people have been struggling for the past era will choose a new face. This time around, the entire situation was reversed and Joe won the areas that were thriving.

This marks a question in the minds of the analysts of whether electing Joe Biden as a president was a wise decision by the people. Trump won in testing regions because he had given speeches that would give hope to the people.

Republicans are famous among the rural areas or small cities where the economy has always been struggling. And Democrats are a party where most voters are from college-educated backgrounds.

The year 2020 was similar in this regard that the people in the struggling counties voted for Trump. But it was against the common norm where the people who happen to benefit from the government voted for the sitting president.

This shift has been of significance to many economic and political analysts. This will change the political environment completely in the country.

So far, there have been some common ground where the interests of both parties would have aligned. But over time, with such large voter diversification, the entire situation has changed.

The political differences are one thing, but the recent economic priority changes are of alarming concern. The politicians are finding it difficult to find a common ground where the economy of the USA can thrive.

The elections are speaking the truth that the people in a thriving economy are supportive of Joe Biden and Democrats. But the people of the counties where the economy is still in the development phase are voting for Republicans.

This division of the people within the same country is alarming and the politicians have to change this perception. This perception will cause more damage to the economy in the long run.