President Joe Biden has more adult relatives living at the White House than any president in decades, with reports indicating that he has turned it into a free housing option for his extended family. This includes his son Hunter Biden, who is believed to be living at the residence to avoid being served legal papers in his child custody battle.

Additionally, the President’s granddaughter Naomi and her then-fiance Peter Neal also resided at the White House for a few months last fall, as confirmed by their interview with Vogue. The New York Times also mentioned in a report about their White House wedding that the couple lived at the residence.

According to Tevi Troy, a presidential historian, it is not common for adult relatives of the President to live in the White House, but it has happened before.

In the past, former presidents Obama, Truman, and Ford also had relatives living in the White House, but for different reasons. Biden’s relatives, on the other hand, seem to be living there for convenience. For instance, Naomi Biden, the President’s granddaughter, said in an interview with Vogue that she and her fiancé moved to the White House because their apartment lease expired.

President Joe Biden’s adult children and other relatives are reportedly living at the White House, which includes his son Hunter Biden, his granddaughter Naomi and her husband, who stayed in a suite on the third floor of the residence.

This level was once used to house slaves and has since been modernized to include a gym, billiards room, and solarium. The living arrangements have been considered unusual but not unheard of in the modern era. However, the extended family’s easy access to the West Wing and White House offices where sensitive business is conducted could pose a security risk, according to former White House ethics counsel Richard Painter.

“The problem is that people who stay in the residence with the president have access to the entire building,” Painter told the Free Beacon. “There’s nobody sitting at a guard desk keeping you from going from the residence to the West Wing.”

According to a source familiar with the couple, Naomi Biden and her husband have moved out of the White House and now live in Georgetown, the neighborhood where she grew up as a child.