Biden’s victory has been sealed by the Electoral College, and now he is viciously replying to Donald Trump. He has been keeping a low profile, but after the official decision came out, he has charged Trump and his allies.

Biden is of the view that the decision made was free and fair and there were no signs of rigging. The Republicans have a completely different point of view regarding the elections as they think that it was rigged.

As the decision was announced earlier, Biden took this opportunity and lashed out at Trump’s allies. He has been saying that the elections were fair, but this time he has spoken up without any pressure.

He has been selected by the majority of Americans to be the president. And he is excited to be in the Oval Office and will try to be the president for all Americans.

Trump’s legal action against the presidential elections of 2020 was completely thrown out by the Supreme Court. The last decision from the Supreme Court came for the state of Wisconsin and it was against Trump.

A total of 538 electors came together to vote for president and Biden won it by a huge majority as predicted. This victory was especially celebrated in California as Kamala Harris belongs to this state.

This was difficult for Trump as the Electoral College only conducts the votes on a pro forma basis. But due to his legal actions against the general elections, this time the electors’ votes were important.

Even the Republicans now have to accept the fate that Donald Trump has lost the presidential elections altogether. The Republicans were seen giving statements in favor of the Electoral College vote.

In America, the law and the constitution are above all and Republicans vowed to respect it. It has been a difficult year for the Republicans as they lost to the Democrats in the general elections.

Whereas all others were taking a soft stance towards the Republicans, Biden had to speak up. He has waited long enough to argue from a strong position, and it was after the Electoral College voting.

Joe Biden is determined to take the office next month and serve the nation as the president of the United States. He is also hopeful of Kamala Harris as the vice president of the United States and looking forward to working with her.