President Joe Biden is all set to kick start his public promotion regarding the recently passed infrastructure bill of $1 trillion by visiting Baltimore port and showcasing it as fertile for infrastructural activities.

While the bill still needs to be enacted and the majority of its projects are far from being completed, the Biden administration plans to make it public in order to gain the confidence of the voters.

Biden has pledged to use Baltimore port as an example to describe the infrastructure bill of the country. He will set the tone of the infrastructure bill in the eyes of the public by explaining the shipping and other infrastructural developments at the port of Baltimore.

The administration will relay to the public the importance of cargo flow in and out of America along with the detailed inspection on the disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic on the economic front of the country.

The global supply chain was disrupted because of the pandemic as ports around the world were clogged with ships and cargo utensils stuck at sea and ports; this led to a shortage of goods with the consumers resulting in a price hike.

The price hike is one of the main components which is causing the Biden government to lose its most loyal voters. People are dissatisfied by the economic policies of the Biden administration and according to a recent poll result, the majority of the Biden voters showcased their displeasure over the first few months of Biden tenure.

The executive director of Maryland port administration, William Doyle stated that just after the infrastructure bill was passed on Friday night, the white house officials arranged with the officials at the Baltimore port regarding a tour of president Biden where he can check out recent investment in the form of additional berths and new cranes.

Baltimore port is the 14th busiest port in the United States of America. It was one of the least affected ports by a coronavirus and did not experience an extreme level of congestion while cargo ships were anchored at different ports using the pandemic.

President Biden’s visit to Baltimore port will be the first of many to be followed as the Biden administration plans to make trips across the country over the next few weeks to support the infrastructure bill.