The White House sources have claimed that President Biden will attend a virtual meeting of world leaders, where he will discuss post-COVID-19 challenges and the dwindling economies.

This is the first virtual meeting where the President will hold a detailed discussion with other leaders of the world.

The coronavirus is the biggest threat that has taken the international community by storm. There is a need for a continuous commitment and resource mobilization among global economies.

It will also be the first multilateral meeting attended by the new US president.

After assuming the office, Biden wants to accelerate the efforts to deliver results regarding the COVID-19 pandemic in the first 100 days of his presidency.

In this virtual meeting, he is expected to highlight serious threats that the US is facing against China. He will also discuss the importance of addressing the environmental issues that are on the agenda.

Climate issues are at the top of the agenda for the summit, and with Biden’s commitment to revive the Paris Agreement, its significance can’t be undermined.

The leaders are also expected to discuss ways to finance vaccination campaigns against the COVID-19.

The United States has also committed to joining the COVAX initiative and would encourage world leaders to play their role in producing, financing, and sending vaccines to developing nations.

President Biden will also take the opportunity to discuss the need to update international laws, governing the economic provisions, in the wake of China’s unprecedented ambitions.

The White House has claimed that President Biden is concerned about China’s role in the region, and he had already expressed his apprehensions in a call with his Chinese counterpart before.

President Biden will also attend the Munich Security Conference to discuss issues of defense with world leaders.