It was announced on Friday by the White House Joe Biden, the US President would rescind a law of the Trump Administration requiring immigrants to demonstrate they would receive health benefits within 90 days of their entrance into the USA the White House announced Friday The proposal which Donald Trump’s staff argued would alleviate pressure on the United States’ healthcare system was criticized as a migrants’ wealth test.


  • With a few limited exceptions, Trump’s 2019 rule requires adult immigrants to secure employer-based or spouse healthcare within a period of 30 days of admission if they can not manage to pay the medical bills themselves.
  • Individual health care premiums would be unsubsidized, which means that people who earn subsidies from marketplaces of health insurance are unable to qualify.
  • According to Trump’s administration, the change would alleviate financial pressure caused by uninsured patients attending emergency rooms. However, activists saw it as a sneaky attempt to make it more difficult to migrate to the US, especially for migrants with limited means.
  • Like in several of Trump’s executive orders related to immigration, the insurance provider has been challenged in court. A Judge from California barred the initiative from being put into practice in 2019. However, a federal appeals court overturned the ruling last year.

In a proclamation on Friday, Biden said that his administration is dedicated to access to high-quality accessible healthcare and it may accomplish the goal without banning noncitizens from legally immigrating to the US.

According to a 2019 survey by the Pro Immigration Policy Institute, approximately 65% of people who hold new green cards may not have fulfilled Trump’s insurance obligation, most likely because they took advantage of subsidies or skipped health insurance.


The health care provision was one of a slew of Trump regime initiatives aimed at tightening immigration conditions. Most significantly, Trump sought to reject the applicants of green cards who have formerly utilized a variety of welfare services such as Medicaid or affordable housing or whose salaries placed them at the risk of future need for public assistance. This new “public charge rule” was framed in 2019 as a way to ensure immigrants’ self-sufficiency, but critics decried it for removing prosperous low-income immigrants. The Federal courts invalidated the provision the previous year and Joe Biden elected not to challenge it.

Biden has been increasingly reversing some of Trump’s more restrictive immigration practices He reversed a DonaldTrump era policy that required asylum claimants to remain in the cities on the Mexican border while awaiting court dates, expanded the categories of illegal immigrants being targeted for detention, and attempted to suspend deportations even though his prohibition of deportation was halted in January by a judge.