Joe Biden has repeatedly been against the Trump policies and he has time and again mentioned this in his speeches. In his latest speech after the elections, he cleared that up by saying that he will reverse Trump’s policies with various executive orders.

Trump has been skeptical of climate change and many other issues that are of global significance. Joe Biden takes every issue seriously and is looking forward to reinstating the older policies to make sure that America is vocal on these issues.

After winning the elections 2020, Joe Biden indicated that he would ease up the travel restrictions. He also indicated that Islam will be treated equally and will be given due respect.

Moreover, the Trump administration did not take the coronavirus situation as seriously as they should have. This gave Joe a chance to make the amends by introducing the latest SOPs regarding the coronavirus.

Biden has mentioned on multiple occasions that for him, the health of the people comes first. He is looking forward to changing the policies regarding the pandemic and will try to make America sustainable at the same time.

He will have presumably all the power to make the possible amends in the Trump policies that he has mentioned in his speeches. But this is not going to be a piece of cake, as the bills are to be approved via Congress.

Republicans and Democrats had a tough competition regarding the control of the Senate. Only time will tell who gets the majority in the Senate and this will decide the fate of Joe’s next 4 years.

Sitting in the Oval Office, the decisions made by him will be presented before Congress. If the decisions are approved by them, only then the decisions can be implemented.

Joe Biden has won apparently, but he has to go through a lot if the Democrats lose the majority in the Senate. Senate is not finalized until the 5th of January 2021.

Therefore, Joe Biden has to tread carefully and speak about issues more openly to attract people. This will increase his chances to get the last two seats that the Democrats are looking for in the Senate.