Exclusive –  President Joe Biden made a surprise visit to the Congressional Baseball Game on Wednesday. Reports suggest the President was welcoming the lawmakers as his party is threatening to invalidate his domestic agenda.

Moderate senators  Kyrsten Sinema and  Joe Manchin kept jeopardizing the president’s $3.5 trillion bill. However, the progressives can cast a House vote in a keynote on another bipartisan infrastructure package worth $1 trillion on Thursday.

On Wednesday, Manchin raised hopes on striking a quick deal on the bigger bill by releasing a fiery statement, saying it “fiscal insanity” and the members of the “Squad” in the House are intimidating to flush terminate the infrastructure which the centrist members support.

Meanwhile, Congress has the deadline to issue a stop-gap funding bill before Thursday in order to prevent the government from the shutdown. While on the other hand, the lawmakers have to lift the debt ceiling by mid of October to prevent the US government from falling into disastrous credit default.

Whip Jim Clyburn, the House Majority, revealed to the news outlets that he would ‘find out at the baseball game’ regarding the infrastructure vote and whether it would be postponed due to the threats coming from the progressives.

On Wednesday night, when President Joe Biden entered the ground, the Republican audience of the stadium welcomed him with boos. While Democrats shouted in excitement, “We Love Joe” and “Build Back Better” – which is his slogan for the agenda.

Joe Biden moved to the Democratic dugout with Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker, before he walked around the ground to meet Republican lawmakers.

Biden headed out of the ground when Republicans were at 13 – 12.

The president was heavily criticized for heading to the stadium during the ongoing crisis for his administration. UN Nikki Haley, the former US ambassador, tweeted, The fact that Joe Biden has time to go to the Congressional baseball game but not time to take questions on Afghanistan or see the humanitarian crisis at the border is a disgrace.’