The US president, Joe Biden, expressed his confidence to prevail in the next year’s elections while addressing the crowd at the Democratic National Committee holiday event, reported on Tuesday.

“We have to keep making the case,” told Biden to a 400 crowd in Washington DC. “Let me say this again: From the president, we’re going to win in 2022.”

“I want to tell my Republican friends: Get ready, pal. You’re in for a problem,” said the president, explaining that “Republicans are against everything”. He  challenged the crowd to “name something the GOP is for.”

Many political scientists are expecting Republicans to vanquish democrats in the next year’s House elections.

During his speech to celebrate 200 million US residents’ vaccination, the president attempted to sell his newly approved infrastructure spending package as the essential package since Eisenhower presidency.

Moreover, Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker, spoke in Biden’s favor during the event about how he is the perfect president for the country to manage the current challenges.

“Our country could not be better served than with this most experienced and capable hands than yours, President Biden,” the California Democrat told the attendees. “He’s just perfect. The timing couldn’t be better.”

Joe Biden stands at 43 percent positive and 51 percent negative votes, revealed the NPR/Marist national survey on Thursday. A day prior to revealing the votes, a national poll indicated 40 percent positive and 50 percent negative ratings.

RealClearPolitics compiled all the votes and announced an average of Biden’s approval rating at 42 percent positive and 52 percent negative. The current average also includes a sizeable survey from The Wall Street Journal that had the US president well underwater with a poll rating of 41 percent and 57 percent.

On Friday, during the Tonight Show, airs on NBC, Biden joked that he has stopped checking his approval ratings.

“Well, not anymore,” joked the president during the virtual interview when the host asked him how much he checks the poll ratings.

“I’m joking,” added the president, to which the host, Jimmy Fallon, laughed and the viewers clapped.  “I was paying attention when they were in the mid-60s, but now that they’re in the 40s, I don’t pay attention.”