President Biden caused outrage on social media Friday when he accused Facebook of murdering people — at a time when the White House’s cooperation with Big Tech firms to combat so-called coronavirus “misinformation” was generating serious concerns about free expression.

Biden’s remarks gained widespread attention when a reporter inquired about his message to platforms like Facebook about COVID disinformation.

Biden said that they are killing people and insisted that our only epidemic is among the unvaccinated, and it is claiming lives.

On Twitter, the president’s excessive language was chastised.

Glenn Greenwald asked if social media corporations are also responsible for ‘killing people’ by allowing material that promotes obesity, greasy junk food intake, cigarette smoking, excessive alcohol use, and a sedentary lifestyle?

Erielle Davidson of the Jewish Institute for National Security in America said that since the dawn of time, every corrupt government has justified its suppression of people as being in the public interest,” stated Erielle Davidson of the Jewish Institute for National Security in America.

Matt Schlapp, from the American conservative union, said that he is sometimes critical of Facebook, but he has never accused them of murder.

Facebook issued a response on Friday seeming to refute Biden’s assertion, saying that the business is really saving lives, not terminating them.

Facebook has said that it will not be sidetracked by unsupported allegations and the reality is that over 2 billion individuals have seen authoritative material on COVID-19 and vaccines on Facebook, more than any other site on the internet. Additionally, over 3.3 million Americans have used Facebook’s vaccine finder to determine where and how to get a vaccination. The facts demonstrate that Facebook is assisting in the saving of lives.

Biden’s comments come as White House press secretary Jen Psaki has been making headlines of her own about the Biden administration’s attempt to “flag” what it deems to be “misinformation” on Facebook in the midst of the fight to increase vaccination rates.

Psaki said that they always make sure that social media platforms are aware of the newest hazardous storylines to public health that Americans are observing across all forms of traditional and social media. He further said that we interact with them to get a better understanding of how social media platform rules are enforced.