President Joe Biden has cautioned the nation of the pandemic getting prolonged due to reckless behavior; endorsing the warning issued earlier by his top health expert Dr. Fauci.

During a briefing held at White House, Biden stated that it is time to administer more vaccine shots in April as compared to March. As the new variant spreads more quickly resulting in a surge in positive cases. He further stated that because of the reckless behavior seen on television in the past few weeks, the cases are bound to rise in the forthcoming weeks.

Simultaneously,  he announced an update on his initial vaccination benchmark by including 20,000 local pharmacies to administer the vaccines. This makes the total number of pharmacies giving shots to 40,000.

Almost 33 million coronavirus vaccine shots will be made available to be administered this week. Biden has announced to accelerate the process to beat the renewed spread of the virus.

The spread has become more prevalent because of the lifting of the restrictions as well as the emergence of new variants of the parent strain. Some of these strains are much more deadly and easy to transmit compared to the original.

Biden had been pushing the states to accelerate and expand their vaccination capacity so that every American adult is eligible for a vaccine by the end of May.

The mentioning of reckless behavior was a reference to the scenes of crowded beaches in Florida which have been making rounds on social media outlets as well as on national television.

More and more state governors have started to ease up the Covid-19 restrictions whether they are Republican or Democrats.

Biden is pleading with the governors to not remove the mask mandates and they should not politicize the combined efforts of curtailing the deadly virus.

“Please, this is not politics. Reinstate the mandate if you let it down”, pleaded a rather frustrated president of the United States of America who can foresee his efforts going in vain because of the irresponsible behavior of the public and the state governors.