The President-elect Joe Biden has been certified early Thursday by Congress, despite Trump’s efforts to halt the process.

The Vice President of the United States Mike Pence followed the standards and conducted the vent. He accepted Biden as the winner after which Trump again promised a smooth transition process. However, Trump still is firm on his election rigging stance.

Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States on January 20, 2021. But given how the situation is unfolding in the country, many Republicans are now demanding Trump to either resign or he will be removed before the resignation.

This demand came out after the Washington riots, as Trump is being held responsible to incite violence. The riots in Washington D.C. shook the core of the US democracy and damaged the image of the country across the world.

The world has witnessed for the first time how the country has descended into chaos and the world’s most secure buildings were attacked by ‘domestic terrorists.’

As a result of the riots, the law enforcement agencies had to take action which resulted in four people being dead and left several others injured. Moreover, police have already arrested around 52 people in connection with the riots and the FBI has requested the public’s help to identify those who were involved in the riots.

It is believed that the riots are not just an overnight thing, but it happened because Trump has been constantly spreading lies, making false claims, and encouraging his supporters to do everything in their power to stop the steal.

The kind of violence we have witnessed yesterday was unprecedented in modern American history, where a sitting president’s name has been used to vandalize the most secure buildings of the world.

Trump Banned From Social Media

Considering how Trump was using social media to spread hatred, social media giants including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube has suspended his accounts for 12 hours and removed the videos that were inciting violence.

Trump therefore was forced to issue his statements through surrogates. His social media accounts may get restored anytime soon but his activities will be closely monitored by the tech companies.