The United States presidential elections are scheduled for November 3, 2020. Both the candidates are working hard to secure more votes to get elected by winning hearts through debates, speeches and also by creating hurdles in each other’s path, playing different tricks.

Joe Biden’s campaigners are putting pressure on Facebook to censor ads by Trump. Facebook updated that it’s going to start adding labels such as “Get voting information”, to all the messages about voting, so that people can get more information about the content provided in that particular post.

In response to this, the Biden for president campaign has sent an open letter to the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, in which Donald Trump was indirectly attacked and Facebook has been urged to censor Trump and his ads activities on Facebook.

The Biden campaign has reminded Zuckerberg of the 2016 commitment. It has blamed Facebook for not taking meaningful actions against fake content and false ads.

The letter mentions that this kind of freedom shouldn’t be given to Trump because he ensures that his wild claims reach everyone through this platform and he misinforms people by lying in ads.

Moreover, Facebook should fact-check every election-related material because there are risks of misleading content to be posted.

American voters deserve better and Facebook should not serve as a tool of misinformation that corrodes our democracy. The letter ends by asking Facebook to ensure the fairness of the 2020 elections and do the right things.

Facebook simply says no in response to the Biden campaign. Facebook has said that freedom of speech for politicians on the platform does not violate the company policy because if anyone posts false information, it’s not Facebook’s problem and it has nothing to do with voting errors.

Facebook has improved advertising disclosures and provides legit information about who is advertising.