President-elect Joe Biden has made many promises during his campaign about the things he would do on the first day to help the people and the country.

He will be making it easier for immigrants and 11 million undocumented Americans to attain citizenship by proposing a bill to Congress. He tweeted that it’s a step that has long been delayed.

He said that he will also be repealing the Migrant Protection Protocol (MPP) that forces migrants to remain in Mexico during their hearings. Many have criticized this for being harmful and dangerous for the migrants.

Biden also promises to rescind Trump’s travel ban on 13 Muslim countries, which many believe is extremely Islamophobic. This ban prevents travelers from Syria, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, Myanmar, and Eritrea from entering the United States.

The president-elect has stated that this law is highly discriminatory against Black and Brown people and it is an abuse of power. He also continued to add that there is no substantial evidence to prove that Muslims threaten our country in any way.

Biden also announced that he will be rejoining the Paris agreement to become a part of the efforts to counter climate change. He has already appointed officials to his team, one of them will be representing the US on the international front telling the world about the government’s efforts regarding climate change and the other one will be responsible for the domestic climate policy of the country.

He has also planned to pass an executive order to make mask-wearing mandatory for his administration for the first 100 days. This entails following this SOP during traveling between states and in federal buildings. He will also be working in collaboration with the governors on the mask mandate on the state level.

Biden has also spoken about Trump’s efforts to eliminate the Flores Agreement. According to this agreement, immigrant children are only allowed to be detained for 20 days and they are supposed to follow certain criteria for quality of life provided to them.

Biden has criticized Trump for trying to detain the children indefinitely and not providing even necessities such as beds and soap to the minors. He has promised to reverse these policies.

He has also stated he will be reversing Trump’s tax cuts on the wealthy population earning more than $400,000 annually.

He has also promised to restore the Clean Air Act for the conservation of the land and water of the United States by 2030.