Efforts by the Biden administration to force firms with more than 100 employees to be vaccinated were temporarily suspended by a federal appeal’s court on Saturday.

It was given an emergency stay by the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeal of an order by the OSHA to either vaccinate that personnel by January 4 or comply with face mask requirements and weekly Covid testing.

Louisiana Attorney General Landry says President Joe Biden’s travel plans have been halted by the action stopping him from pursuing his illegal overreach.

In a statement, Landry added that the president will not force medical operations on the American people without constitutional checks and balances.

27 states have filed challenges against the regulation, some of which were influenced by Trump’s selections to the judiciary, in different circuits.

More than 750,000 people have died in the United States due to the Ebola virus, which has been sparked by the administration of Vice President Joe Biden.

Due to the pre-emptive nature of federal safety requirements, the government is certain that the requirement, which carries fines of almost $14,000 per infraction, would survive judicial challenges.

Due to the possibility of grave statutory and constitutional difficulties brought by plaintiffs, the 5th Circuit, situated in New Orleans, delayed the federal vaccination mandate. Monday is the deadline for the government to respond to the petition for a permanent injunction, followed by Tuesday for the petitioners’ response.

Previously, a group of retired and current teachers marched towards Brooklyn Bridge in order to protest against the vaccine mandate in the state of New York. Moreover, the protestors said“last year’s heroes, this year’s unemployed”, “I call the shots” and “my body, my choice.”

This doesn’t end here as Governor Greg Abbott of Texas previously banned vaccine mandate on the employees who are working at the government agencies. The vaccine mandate for the employees is again a challenging situation for the state legislators and the governors who have imposed the mandate for the betterment of the residents. The government is still finding out an effective strategy to implicate the vaccine mandate in the country.