People have been raising questions about who is going to get the COVID-19 vaccine in the first place. To avoid any ambiguity, the Biden Administration has decided to send out the vaccines to pharmacies.

In this way, they are not only addressing the questions raised by the people, but they are also making sure that the vaccine is available to the masses.

President Biden has issued many executive orders as soon as he took the White House.

There are already millions of vaccine doses being provided to the states and an additional 1 million vaccine doses will be provided to the pharmacies. The idea behind taking this step is to ensure that the COVID-19 is readily made available for the people.

Although this program is not on a large scale, it will address the concerns of people all across America. In the first phase, only 6500 stores will be considered nationwide that can keep the vaccines in their stores.

They have a target to make the vaccine available at 40,000 retail pharmacies so that the vaccine is readily available to every citizen in America. But still, to this point, the people are being asked to get vaccinated only if they are eligible according to the state rules.

These pharmacies have to meet certain standards to be selected on merit. If the pharmacy is located in a region where there is a severe chance of catching coronavirus, it will be considered.

Pfizer has been unable to roll out the vaccines in huge numbers after getting the approval from FDA in December 2020. Whereas, its counterpart, Moderna is rolling out vaccines in large numbers every day – surpassing the vaccines being provided by any other company.

President Joe Biden is looking forward to vaccinating 100 million people in the first 100 days of his tenure. He has also allowed Ellume, an Australian company, to increase America’s capacity of COVID testing.

With this initiative, this goal may be achieved. The people who are responsible for addressing the COVID-19 situation, are satisfied with the progress.