Have you ever wondered, what’s the best way to peel a hard-boiled egg? Peeling a hard-boiled egg can be cumbersome. It is a topic that no one talks about, but everyone faces this problem daily. It may be a reason that many people have left eating a boiled egg. Making a hard-boiled egg is not a difficult task, but peeling it becomes a task so difficult that one may start scratching one’s head. No need to worry, this problem has a solution which anyone can apply to make sure that it is easy for them to peel a hard-boiled egg.

Do not use new eggs

Farmers usually sell eggs that are freshly laid. People are often seen preferring buying eggs from a farmer. However, to their surprise, these eggs are difficult to peel when they are boiled. The eggs purchased from a retail store are most probably from the old stock. It does not necessarily mean that they are so old that they become rotten. It has a 60-day period before it expires according to Government regulations.

Boil water first

It is important to boil the water first. Boiling water is a good starting point. Coldwater can be used as well, but the boiling water can work wonders.

Use cold water afterward

As soon as the egg boils remove the hot water from the container. And use the same container to pour cold water into it. It is preferred to use the same container otherwise there is a chance that the eggshell will be broken while changing containers. If the eggshell breaks while changing containers, then it becomes difficult to peel off the shell properly. Therefore, it is necessary to pour cold water into the same container.

Break the shell under cold water

It is important to break the shell in the cold water. This makes the process easy and the hot eggshell does not make it difficult to peel. The process becomes easy because the egg white shrinks under cold water and the shell is free for peeling.

Spoon to peel eggs

Peeling is made easy if one breaks the fat side of the egg and then slips in a spoon. Use the spoon in such a way that the eggshell is peeled off easily without using fingernails. This method is unorthodox, and very few people know of it. This makes it a unique experience and technique to use for peeling off an egg.

It is important to be gentle when shaking the eggs for peeling. The eggshells are hard to even after being boiled. Therefore, it is necessary to shake them gently so that eggshells break easily, and then it is easy to peel off.



What is the best way to peel a hard-boiled egg