Ever been bogged down by all the fun activities you couldn’t do because you fall in the senior club? The feeling of missing out on some of life’s greatest adventures is indescribable, to say the least. But who said seniors have to be bound by the limitations set by society?

Being a senior doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the little things life has to offer.  There’s still a lot to see in life- more so if you’re willing to undertake excursions around town. A bus tour may be considered an unpopular option, but it is ideal for seniors who don’t prefer driving and want to take a trip through town.

So, if you are interested in exploring the landmarks of your city via bus, here are some popular USA bus tours for seniors.

Coach USA

Coach USA tours is an ideal fit for seniors who wish to take a break from mundane activities and discover sights on their own. Relaxing and fun, these tours usually depart from major cities across the Midwest and East Coast. Many of its renowned landmarks include a variety of different casinos around Lake Erie and real-time adventures of Amish County.

As far as the cost aspect is concerned, the Coach USA tours are known to be reasonably priced for the services offered. While you can enjoy a short strip under $100, more expensive trips to the Bahamas and other exotics destinations are priced somewhere in the upper hundreds.

This qualifies as one of the best USA bus tours for seniors as it not only offers packages of value but also lets you take charge of your trip. That’s right, Coach USA allows you to customize your trip according to your wants- from dates to destinations, you have it all under control!

It also makes the process easy for seniors who are afraid of surfing around town. Coach USA has a variety of categorical tours that help people to explore different events around town with professional guides.

Starline Tours

Established in 1930, Starline Tours has proven to be one of the most reliable tour services for seniors. With sufficient experience, Starline Tours can serve to be a great option for seniors who are hesitant to venture into the city through new tour companies.

These tours operate in Los Angeles, giving travelers an experience right out of Hollywood. Hence, for those seniors who want to be enraptured by the film world, this tour has been designed just for you. Most adult tickets are priced between $45 -$100 and cover a myriad of sites in Los Angeles.

Although these tours encompass a variety of renowned landmarks, the most popular ones include the tour of the Warner Bros. Studio, Madame Tussauds, and Chinese Theater. These tours are conducted in a very different style- you can hop on and off anytime. Thus, this tour is perfect for seniors who are intrigued by the idea of skipping around town and discovering several different sites at once.

One of the best USA bus tours for seniors, this company allows guests with disabilities and animals as well. However, bringing animals requires prior announcement and you should thus book your trip 24 hours in advance.

Diamond Tours

Popular in Canada and the lower U.S states, Diamond Tours is a viable option for those who want value for their money. The tour costs vary according to features, but people can expect to pay about $700 for trips of a week or more.

The price may sound a bit too exorbitant at first and rightly so. However, it is important to note that the total cost includes full-fledged breakfast meals, dinner treats, comfortable lodging, and a whole lot more. Given this information, the tour is of great value considering an airplane ticket for the same destinations would cost the same.

Although these tours are focused on groups, individuals and couples can also join in the trips to have fun. Diamond Tours takes its people to various destinations, the most popular ones being The Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and Mount Rushmore.

Additionally, Diamond Tours also offers insurance for its passengers. From emergency expenses to baggage coverage, there is nothing that the company doesn’t cover.


A company that operates in several different destinations, Tours4Fun is a fantastic option for seniors in search of true adventure. While picking this company, seniors can roam Paris, Vietnam, Japan, China, and other locations.

Although the name itself incorporates fun, the tours are an equal mix of scenic and entertaining activities. From viewing nature in awe to roller-skating in the famous New York Rockefeller Center rink, there is a perfect balance of events during the tour.

Typical packages from Tours4Fun fall between the range of $100 to $1000 per person. Of course, the high price comes with a lot of added benefits such as housing, professional guides, and waivered entry fees at entertainment places.

Food and other expenses may not be a part of the package offered by Tours4Fun but the offer does include cancellation free of cost. This company is known to work with people with disabilities. However, you can check the requirements beforehand and decide accordingly.

All in all, there are great options for seniors who wish to take a trip by bus. Although a bus tour may not be the first option for people, it is no less than a proper vacation. Hence, to all those seniors who feel like their lives have been limited; change up your daily routine. Don’t let others’ words get in the way of your enjoyment- now is the time to shine.

Thus, if you do decide to make that trip, you can always count on our list of USA bus tours for seniors. We hope you make the right choice!